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How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?

How shall the young secure their hearts? Throughout my life I have sung lyrics by Isaac Watts that ask that question. Watts drew his inspiration from Psalm 119:9-16, the second division of that psalm’s 176 verse anthology of prayer. Concern … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Recent Call for Fire Seminar

The prayers of the Bible provide significant information about the nature of God and a variety of reasons why Christians pray. During the Call for Fire Seminar last month at Leavenworth Church of Christ in Leavenworth, Kansas, we studied prayers … Continue reading

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Praying with Awareness of a Legacy of Sin

As in my last post, I will consider what the prayer of returned Jewish exiles to their parents’ homeland can teach us about prayer. In that previous post, we observed the prayer was offered to the God who created the … Continue reading

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Moving from Prayer to Action

Nehemiah’s prayers give us insight on moving from prayer to action. His despair when he receives devastating news about the plight of Jews who have returned from captivity to a wrecked Jerusalem causes him to weep. Then he prays. In … Continue reading

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